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To me it sounds like a bass guitar with distortion or a fuzz effect. Also since it's a rock band with a bassist it might not be a synth part. Edit: Looking at live videos, it seems he does use a synth [at least in the live version], but I still think you can replicate this with a bass guitar + distortion/fuzz Most of the fuzz pedals I have used with bass ...


Of course, everything on bass guitar is pizzicato in theory, as nothing is bowed. I've only ever seen pizz. markings in double bass parts, which I've then played on bass guitar. You can imitate a pizzicato sound on bass guitar by plucking with the RH thumb while palm muting. This is also how a pizzicato marking should be executed on classical guitar.


While less common for electric bass notation, pizzicato in this context means pluck the strings with the fingers, as opposed to using a pick or playing in a slap/pop style.

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