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It's a strap-lock, unfortunately without the corresponding locking part. Mine on my old Rikki are Schaller, same as this, though no doubt there are other makers. From comments, a Grolsch beer bottle 'rubber washer' from their old-fashioned bottle tops makes a great free substitute


A good amp, apart from sounding good, should have a long life before it. So check all the controls: do they make a solid impression? Do the pots move smoothly, nothing is loose, and nothing makes noises it shouldn't? If every change in settings comes with its own sequence of "snap, crackle, pop", then this won't get better over time. How much noise does ...


Disclaimer: I'm one of those folks who always preferred multiple independent components over an integrated system for audio work. That said, I would go with stomp boxes and separate preamps for practically all tone control, and look for a power-amp&speaker box which is as close to the "wire with gain" paradigm as possible. Which means an amp that is ...


I'll expand a bit on my comment at the request of OP. I haven't had this exact problem on any of my fretless basses but I can tell you what steps I would take if I did encounter something like this. Since you said the buzzing is coming from the nut side of the note, it might be some sort of mechanical buzz either from the tuners on the headstock or the truss ...

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