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A lot of the defining sound of electro (and related styles) comes from harmonically rich sounds. You'll find distortion and waveforms with many harmonics. In contrast, house tends to be more conservative in that regard. And that's pretty much it. Electro will also tend to be more "intense", with faster tempos and louder sounds, but I don't think that ...


Ok so let me give a try, I might be wrong so don't hesitate to comment below. Back to the basics, electro comes from electro-funk. Now, there is always a missunderstanding, as Stephen did, between musical genres : in everyone's opinion, house, progressive house, trance, etc... are all under the same barrier : electro or techno. This is wrong. When people ...


Bootleg is a remix made using exclusively the final, full, integrated version of a song. Mashup is a remix made using the individual components of a song (ie.vocals, bass, synth) and mixing, matching or integrating them separately.

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