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Wave is an uncompressed or lossless format, whereas MP3 is compressed or lossy. Technically .wav is just a container format and can hold various types of compressed or uncompressed audio, but typically you'll see it containing LPCM uncompressed audio (the same as on audio CDs). With .wav files, you are essentially getting a raw bitstream representation of ...


The executive summary of Charles' very detailed answer is: Use WAV for recording and editing. Use your audio editor's native file format with references to the WAV files to keep disk space under control use MP3 for distribution. 44.1 and 160kbps is lots, unless your audience has a home stereo that is worth more than their car and ears to match.


For me, beatmatching has two aspects, there's the "wide" tempo description, like - is this the pace of walking, running, marching - and that can almost start on a physical level - feel it in your body to get the general area pf the tempo of the track. Then there's the fine-tuning which is most western dance music is most easily achieved by comparing the ...


Getting into something new can always be daunting at first, but the more you struggle through something, the more you learn, providing you're making progress. I hope these answers help you in your journey. 1) Song structure is one of the most important aspects after understanding what the beat of a song is. I was literally talking to one of my piano ...

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