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I figured it out! While using Groove Agent SE, you can just drag the audio parts or slices you want onto the pad you want them on; then you can just "Create Drum Map From Instrument" and then edit the drum part in the drum editor thing like normal.


My experience from hearing the term tossed around on the BBC Essential mix and even around my dj friends, is that a mash up (or a boot-leg) is the ability to take a song (normally with no connection to the genre being mixed) on the fly during a set and mix it in without interrupting the flow or beat of the mix. Laidback Luke is a renowned mash up artist, ...


It is not a matter of quality. You can get great sounds from a computer and many albums have been made on nothing but a laptop or even an iPad or GameBoy. Quality is not the concern. There are good reasons for wanting hardware synths, though, even digital ones. They start up instantly and generally never crash. They have many knobs and controllers for ...


There are analogue and digital synthesizers. The digital ones you'll likely be able to emulate faithfully through a computer, but opinions differ when it comes to analogue. There are both digital synthesizers and programs that try to emulate them, but many feel that it is not like the "real deal". There is also a big difference manipulating real keys and ...

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