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The signal between an electric guitar and a guitar amp is called a signal voltage. The voltage in the line oscillates in a manner analogous to the strings' vibrations, summed. The level of the voltage is dependent on lots of things including string material, how much energy is in the strings, and the electronics of the guitar. There is no specific standard, ...


There are already some good answers, but I just had a couple things to add. In general it's best to minimize the length of cable and number of adapters you use in your signal chain (I think you called the adapters "jacks"). This reduces the number of possible failure points. For example, do you really need the headphone extension cable? And getting the right ...


A mono jack in a stereo socket or a stereo jack in a mono socket will shorten out the right channel. Maybe your adapters are not what you think they are for.


Take a close look at both Cable 1 and the adapter (jack) connecting Cable 1 to the amp. Are you sure that these are both stereo devices? A stereo plug will have three metal sections (tip, ring, and sleeve). A mono plug will only have two (tip and sleeve). If you are hearing only one side, and then get both sides when you pull it part way out, that is a ...

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