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To quote Wikipedia, The ribbon controller is deliberately delinearized to resemble a guitar, so there is a shorter distance between higher notes than between lower ones. - Basically, they're doing it on purpose because it's how most intonation-based instruments behave. You'll notice that people who play string ...


I would suggest looking for a Tap Tempo feature on a sampler. This should allow you to have prerecorded samples stored within a single device that can have their output tempo adjusted simply by tapping the tempo button a few times. This is fairly common on a lot of devices. My DAW, Logic, has it, my looping pedal (a Boss pedal) has it. This should give ...


You should be able to assume that L and R are basically the same (within the operating tolerances of the unit) if - The 'Pan' control for the channel is centred You're not using any of the stereo effects

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