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I'll leave the question unanswered for awhile to see if there are any other suggestions. I like the idea of a Transient Processor but I don't have one of those and they may be more expensive than a C9. In the meantime, I'll: split the guitar signal before the SuperEgo run one line into the SuperEgo run the other line into a Boss GE-3 amp pedal with the ...


There is a type of compressor called a "Transient processor" that can drop or accentuate any sudden changes in velocity, most commonly drum hits. If you can find a guitar pedal one then you can add this to your live guitar sound and adjust it to only let through the "transients" which will be a click. Then mix it in with your synthesized sound.


It's not straightforward to process a guitar sound into a click with traditional effects - so the click sound would probably have to be triggered separately. One way to do this live would be to split your signal before you go into the superego and route one branch of your signal into a guitar-to-MIDI converter (something like a Sonuus G2M, which is ...


You are using a synthesiser to generate your sound, so if the synthesiser doesn't have the feature you like then there isn't a lot you can do. The C9 you mention does provide it so your best bet is to get one of them. You may be able to get a part exchange on your current synth, or possibly sell it and make a profit.

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