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You could try Place "nut" with flat side on a hard surface. Hit the protruding "thread" with a sharp blow with a hammer. Try locking knob thread on "nut". Repeat if required. Alternately you could try lodging a small piece of plastic cable tie in "nut" ,simulating a Nyloc Nut,which should allow locking knob thread to grip. .


Here's what I have done with more than two mixers and I suggest trying this. Assuming your mixers (like most of them) both have Tape In and Tape Out RCA inputs, just run RCA from Tape Out of one mixers into Tape In of the other. The Tape In should have its own fader/control pot. This will let you keep all of the channels in each mixer free. You should be ...


Can't think of anything else that will take its place. It's basically a semi-captive nut, that won't turn once the rod is inside the tube. A couple of ideas - use a bigger bolt, and tap out the meat to match it. Weld an appropriate nut to the outside, Both of which I've done in the past. As a semi-permanent you could put a pipe clip on the rod, to hold it ...

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