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Type of connector isn't an issue. You can certainly take the output of one mixer into a channel of another (two channels if it's a stereo output) or into a spare Aux Return. But you won't quite get "one big mixer" because the Aux busses, used for effects sends and monitor sends won't be connected. It can work well for making a submix of the drum mics. ...


You can certainly put the submixer on stage in order to fit more in your snake. You certainly want to avoid running a 50' RCA connection if possible. Check the outputs of the mixer you want to use as a submixer. It should have balanced main outputs on either XLR or 1/4". If there are balanced XLR outputs, connect them directly to the snake and then into XLR ...


The connection between sub-mixer and main mixer doesn't have to be RCA., it could be jack to jack, or XLR. With 50', you may need balanced leads, so it will depend where physically your snake is, or use a stereo or mono feed with shielded cable between sub and main. Or use a D.I. box to help the signal.


Just buy another amp m80. Look around hard enough and you can find em cheaper than dirt. And you won't have to sacrifice tone

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