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Stretching could be very effective, because the tissues between the fingers are stretchable. There is a good device to carry out that. www.increasehandspan.com/test


Before I talk about cool-down exercises-- I'd be wary in your situation as you describe your feelings as "sore" and "uncomfortable". After a good practice session, you may feel a general sense of tiredness, but you should NEVER have pain or even soreness. Robert Schumann invented a device to "stretch" his fingers and ended up with an irreversible hand injury ...


A quick search on the internet gave me this: http://www.pianocareer.com/piano-health/piano-wrist-arm-shoulder-warm-up/ Although they are warm up exercises, they might help prevent this sort of thing. Also, splitting up your practice sessions into 10-15 min sections with 5 min "breaks" (where you get up or play something less strenuous) may help.


The disconnect between chest and head voice that you experience is completely normal. It is called the passaggio. To minimize the difference in sound between the two vocal registers, you must gradually make them meet in the middle. Chest For your chest voice, try and raise your overall range in half-step increments. Use any of the standard effective ...


On reading your question a second time, I realized that you said you can't hit certain notes between falsetto and chest. Without any other knowledge, that kind of sounds like nodes or some other damage to your vocal chords, but you may just be confusing octaves. Don't yell too loud and don't screech, it can really damage your voice fast. Seriously, a quick ...

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