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Here are a couple of fingerings for that chord that don't require using your L.H. thumb. The first uses a first finger barre at fret 10; the second uses an open B. It would be easiest if you could get a voicing with the open D as the bass note, but I'm not sure this is possible - if I find one I'll post it…! NB: The first shape is "movable", as it ...


What you're creating here is a G7 sound. You're fingering is a subtle variation on a traditional dom7 fingering that alternates bass notes between the 1 and the 5 of the chord, like this. E|------7------7-- B|------8------8-- G|-----10-----10-- D|---------------- A|--10------------ E|---------10----- Yours just moves from the 5 to the 3 of the chord, more ...


I'd make a sort of barre with index (1st) finger,across the lot on fret 7, then use ring on (bottom, not top) E. G string with little finger, leaving the middle finger for the B string. Thumb is an option, frowned upon by classical purists, and is o.k. if one's hand is big enough, but may slow down the change for the next bit, as the thumb puts the whole ...


I would play the first chord as shown in your second option: 10 X X 10 8 7 with fingers 3 4 2 1 Then I would leave the 3rd and 4th finger where they are and lift up my 1st and 2nd finger to play the following notes: 10 X 9 10 8 X with fingers 3 2 4 1

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