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If a guitarist has a mix of several playing styles, I am afraid that you will not be able to learn this as if it were one composite style. Rather, it would be good practice to learn all these styles, and then try to understand how he combines them, so that you can mimic this. This sounds like an extreme lot of work, but your understanding of these styles ...


I would suggest loading sections of his music into a looper and then looping it at half-speed or quarter-speed while you try to play along.


I think, as far as I can find, that as you say it is a bit of an overstatement for what it is. I think it is very similar to a typical flamenco style, with the only reference being to a guy quoted as "Amin Toufani". The only guy of a similar name who is a flamenco guitarist, is a guy called Amin Toofani, who is known for his youtube viral video ...

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