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Take a look at page 19 of this PDF from the University of Florida: It definitely seems to be an indication for a natural harmonic. I know @Richard said a harmonic was notated differently, but perhaps he was thinking of an artificial harmonic? As for the lack of centering, I can see that as a typesetting issue.


Believe it or not, I'm pretty certain this is just the worst-placed and worse-shaped piece of fuzz to ever find its way onto a scanner, because: The symbol is not actually centered with the note head. The symbol doesn't appear to actually be a circle. The symbol doesn't appear anywhere else in the book (as far as I can tell). The nearest notation I can ...


If you start a note with JUST air pressure, what you call "just the abdominals", it proves that your embouchure is set up correctly - you're not "kicking" the note into starting with violent tonguing. This may be why you've been recommended to practice this way. Or maybe you've fallen into the habit of starting AND ending a note with too much tongue, so ...


I think your expectation of "very, very slight differences" between the registers breaks down in the extreme situation where almost all the finger holes are covered, as when playing the lowest three notes (B C and C#). Opening the top hole to suppress the fundamental tone relies on that hole being at the correct acoustical position along the pipe. That ...

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