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The number of tuning issues depends on your skill level and intonation. Between the two of you, it is much more likely that you'll be the one out of tune. Harps are chordophones and the by nature of the instrument take forever to tune (much like a piano) and go out of tune with generally the same frequency as a piano if not properly maintained. While ...


The support of the flute is primarily a balance between the lip plate as it contacts your face and the rest of your fingers on the keys, using the heel of the first finger of your left hand as a fulcrum. One of the "key" things to understand about this is that there are no notes on the flute with a completely open fingering. The right hand pinky rests on a ...


Per a tutorial on Youtube, "How to Hold the Flute" (by OnlineBandTeacher): ...hold the flute with your right pinky, right thumb and left thumb... You can see him demonstrate this right around 4:05 in the video (though, it looks like he is holding it with both thumbs and both pinkies).


Practice. Specifically, practice long tones so you can concentrate on nothing but the sound quality. At least for a while, don't worry about the attack (start of the note) either, as that's a tricky thing all its own. Make small adjustments to your embouchure and mouthpiece "roll" to see what leads to the cleanest sound. Then keep doing long tones to ...

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