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He probably just does this because with his setup the pinky would be very difficult to use. If I remember correctly though he did use fat strings but they where all down tuned a half step. So there really is no reason as to not wanting to use the pinky other than it is hard. I would not teach beginners this way though. Not good to stymie your creativity in ...


There's nothing wrong with using your little finger however the other 3 are much stronger and (especially as SRV used strings that were really fat) he may be more comfortable like that. I remember slash saying in an interview he often used only 3 fingers on give a bluesy sound to his solos. So I guess its just about comfort and preference.


The white dots are typically placed at harmonic points on the string. The first harmonic of the open string is the octave, halfway along the string at the 12th fret. The second harmonic is one-third the string length, and that falls at the seventh fret. On some models, you'll see that fret marked with a double-dot as well, as it's a very prominent harmonic: ...

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