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Learning scales and arpeggios is a great way to improve your fretboard knowledge. Try and learn scales and arpeggios all over the fretboard and say out loud the notes as you play them. Don't worry about playing fast whilst doing this. Taking the time to get this in your head is the key here.


Its all about practice, just how some guitarists play their instruments behind their backs, all you have to do is practice memorizing your fretboard without looking. With time you will see that you don't need any lighting, you just need to feel the guitar(bass) in your hand and you will know just where everything is at.


I guess you mean the 8th fret getting mixed up with 6th and 10th. Play standing up whenever you play, and try to hit that 8th fret without looking. After a while, your arm muscle memory will have learned how far to stretch. Eyes then come into play, as they know the target fret is between dots. Do it many times a day - just wear the bass, play 8th fret ...

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