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The frets that are highlighted are the equal-tempered equivalents of the basic fractions, as seen in the table below. (The first column is the fraction, the second column is the corresponding number of half-tones): 1 0 = 0 6/5 3.156 ~ 3 4/3 4.980 ~ 5 3/2 7.020 ~ 7 5/3 8.844 ~ 9 2 12 = 12 (from now on, it's simply an ...


I always thought the ninth fret marker was simply aesthetics. Being that the marker after the twelth is three frets away, the marker before the the twelth is the same distance away. It centers the twelve marker. Practically speaking, the twelve marker is also more noticeable.


After 45 minutes or so reading people's answers to the ninth fret question, then 15 minutes of pondering, I came up with a crappy answer: The NINTH FRET is a position of all flatted notes: Db Ab Fb Cb Gb Db --or-- Db Gb Cb Fb Ab Db (The order depending upon whether You look at the notes from first string to sixth or vice-versa.) But then, the fourth ...

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