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Just a bit more info on cyco130's answer : 'Tis indeed a volume swell effect, and is an electric guitar. The technique is to pluck the note with the volume turned down, then bring the volume in - either via a volume pedal or using the volume control on the guitar. Some guitars make this easier because the volume control is easily reachable from where your ...


This effect is called volume swell. It's achieved by fading in notes using your volume knob or a volume pedal.


I don't know what J-Rock is definitively as it could mean a number of things, however if you mean a 'metal' style rock guitar sound that I believe to be popular over there, then it can be quite simple: Strip all of your pedals and effects, and turn all dials to zero; Turn the volume up as far as it will go; Keep the Bass and Treble dials high; Turn down ...


Clarity in a clean tone, that also doesn't sound 'weedy' and 'thin' can be difficult, however there are a couple of things you can (or should do) to get there, and none involves using a pedal. First of all know that distortion and overdrive are two different things. The classic way to achieve such tones are by playing through low wattage valve (or tube) ...


Re The track "My God is the Sun ~ Queens of the Stone Age" you mention: This is what I'm hearing .. Sounds like humbucker pickup guitar (eg Les Paul, or many other typew) as opposed to single coil pickup (eg Fender Strat) Two guitars playing together, often one string each. This means the distortion is only acting on that one string per guitar amp, so ...


Use a heavier pick and attack the strings harder. I'm not a genius but I feel the heavier the pick, the less it bends off the string giving more of a cut between hits. I believe also the harder the pick the heavier the string attack giving more of a driven sound.


For most normal guitars, I have always been told not to do this. A normal electric or steel-strung acoustic guitar will have a truss rod in the neck, and if adjusted correctly this will handle the string tension just fine. For a truly traditional classical guitar with absolutely no neck reinforcement - I've never owned one. If it will be stored for six ...


I use Guitar Rig with ASIO4All and have noticed it locks the sound to itself. I can not play any other audio while GuitarRig or Amplitube (which both uses the ASIO driver). You can open a sound file with Guitar Rig's player and play songs and backtracks that way.

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