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This is my set-up when I go live with my post rock band. Since I don't have the money to get the all exclusive strymon pedals, I try creating sounds similar to hammock or Caspian with the pedals I have and it has been helping so far. The chain in which my pedals are, are as follows, TC Electronic Polytune 2 ( tuner ) Xotic Effects SP Compressor ISP ...


You don't need both the NS-2 and the Decimator, pick one. I like the NS-2 for high gain stuff. The ISP Decimator is not really a true gate so I might just ditch it. Your chain should be something like: NS-2 > compressor > chorus/phaser > delay. This is into the front of the amp. Loops are too finicky for my tastes, but you could go NS-2 to amp input, then ...

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