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If you only think about the fixed frequency instruments, just intonation is not good for the instrument construction, there is good examples for the guitar above. There will be technical difficulties with a piano and other instruments too. But for continuous variation pitch instruments, the just intonation will have more natural sounding. There is a good ...


One of the best microtonal instruments may be the slide guitar. Listen to Duane Allman play slide guitar, or David Gilmour play lap steel, or countless others. Not only do they reach the tones between the notes, but I suspect that they are naturally gravitating to the just tempered notes as well. That purity is what makes skilled slide guitar players sound ...


Just intonation is only impractical if you insist on having a scale of more than six fixed steps, with all the intervals being 5-limit just. God and/or math doesn't work that way. The most cogent way of putting it is this: no power of two is also a power of three, and no power of three is also a power of five.

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