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There is no technical term for it that I know of. The only word I can think of is "changes", often used by jazz players. Do you know the changes for "I got rhythm"? If you do, then you can comp on it or improvise on it because you know every chord, all the way through. That is, you know the entire chord progression of the song. There's no other word for ...


You might use the phrase harmonic structure to refer to the piece as a whole in the context of talking about its, well, harmonic structure. E.g.: The song's/piece's harmonic structure is interesting because of the downwards modulation in the middle.


Well, this is one of the earliest preludes and fugues of Shostakovich, and actually a quite conservative piece compared to other later ones. For example, try this one: a link For 20th-century composers, prelude and fugue is just a genre. Although the old-school traditions put many limits to polyphonic composition, with the development of music, most of ...

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