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I had the same question and I solved it with a M-Audio M-Track interface. Here is a review here: http://www.audioadapter.net/usb/maudio-mtrack I'm playing a regular Fender Strat. The strat plugs into the M-Track and the M-track has a USB plug that goes into the computer. I have a Mac PowerBook running Garage Band but the unit comes with a software ...


There is a simple answer: Go to WalMart, or Target, or Radio Shack (or any other electronic store). Buy the following if you do not already own them: Headphones - preferrably the kind that cover your entire ear. Stay away from those damn earbud things. You can find a functionable set for $10 or under. A "Y" splitter cable. This is simply a normal ...


It does make a difference, but not in the audio quality. In general it is a good idea to leave unused channels at their lowest amplitude setting to prevent accidentally blasting your headphones, speakers, or ears (which can happen in many different ways). In that sense, yes, it is better to turn volume regulators to mute for unused headphone amplifier ...


The pots attenuate the signal. If there's nothing to receive that signal, it matters not. Like why signal you're turning right/left in a car when there's no-one to pick up the signal.

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