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This style of singing is known as singing with an aspirate tone. It is desirable in pop music for many reasons that are not necessary to list here. You can create this sound by not moving an adequate amount of air through your vocal cords; the result of improper vocal resonance and escaping air produces the aspirate (raspy, airy, wispy) sound you find ...


This is probably most likely to occur if you are stretching your hand, playing notes for apart, then a part of your finger could get stuck under a key, which wouldn't be good fun while playing a piece. However, if you have good piano technique and keep your hands over the keyboard, rather than beyond the end of it, this shouldn't really happen.


I'm a violinist, not a pianist, but it's very common for beginning violin players to have severe pain because they are too tense, especially when they are self taught. I'm going to suggest a few generic techniques to start minimizing tension. When you sit down at the piano, think about how you are sitting. Look for any tension, especially in your neck and ...

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