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I can only speak from my personal experience here, as I haven't studied this subject at length in any formal way. I've gone through periods in my life of being in-shape and less-than-in-shape. In general, I notice that it's easier to focus and be alert when I'm in shape. This applies to performing and composing music as well. There is also of course the ...


"How do I know whether I feel" is not a sensible question. The only person qualified to know what you feel is yourself. At any rate, for singing you want to project your voice. You are not interested in getting your neck or pharynx to vibrate but rather the air in the ear of the listener. If you are singing efficiently, your vocal cords are working ...


Another consideration: do you slouch at the table, resting your upper body weight on your elbows? I noticed that after correcting for this bad habit, my forearm pain diminished. Could be related.

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