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As I'm quite easily affected by alcohol and caffeine (being a lightweight and having terrible problems with focusing does that to you), I think I can add some stuff from my own experience here. The main thought to keep in mind is that this is different for each person individually, though. A dose that works for you may very well have an opposite effect for ...


One solution could be to find some more spazz-loving dudes/dudettes and freak out with them together with all the coffee you like. When that's out of your system you're probably more mellow with the other band. Side effect: some interesting music might be produced. Win-win.


I drank half a bottle of coke the other day (a big one) which led to a 4 hour session of music making. So I know where your coming from. Here are some things that help me. Lows are underrated, don't knock them. Just make sure you are generally eating and drinking well so you do have the energy I think what your describing is anxiety, so have a google of ...


I think you're approaching this with the right attitude of cautious attention to effects, one that can apply to almost any drug (except the really scary ones). The obvious next thing to try is half a cup of coffee. Or half-caff coffee. Disclaimer: I work for starbucks, so I want to help you find a way to keep drinking coffee, in some form. :)


The answer, as you can tell from the above, is whatever works for you. The musicians in my band either drink beer or coffee depending on what they feel will work for them. Since they're all professionals and none of them are problem drinkers, it's not an issue for us. Sometimes I have a beer or a glass of wine to relax. Being in a relaxed state of mind is ...


I'm a guitarist and vocalist for a groovy rock band. When gigging, I quite often have a pint of lager (about 4-5% alc. nothing major) just to calm the nerves a bit. I find it works well and that strangely it also gives me a bit more energy, for an hour or so. Then I need to chug the water to replace what's lost in sweat. Bleah. When practicing, I never ...


There is nothing "wrong" with Booze or Coffee however, you might be able to do without either with nutritional supplementation. Coffee will dehydrate you, regardless of the benefits. So, if you're going to sing, you might actually damage your throat if you're dehydrated. If coffee is as noticable as you say for you, then booze really isn't the answer. Based ...

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