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All pianos need tone regulation ("voicing") and action regulation from time to time, because of wear on the hammers and other parts. In your case, it's time.


You need to hire a professional piano tuner and repair person. It takes an expert with special tools and parts to fix a problem such as this correctly.


A wooden instrument is ideally kept at about 40-60% humidity, so 45% is fabulous. This range is supposed to produce the best sound, and the least stress on the wood. But the absolute worst thing you can do is change up the humidity frquently and quickly, because this put stress on the wood and the seams. So if your instruments spend hours a day outdoors, ...


My understanding is that the upper limit on relative humidity is set by the conditions which promote mould growth, around 70% RH (a reference for the 70% value), and not due to things like warping/splitting that you have to worry about with low humidity. I usually target 50% RH, year around. Martin guitars advocates 45%-55% for their instruments.

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