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There are two concepts and ideas that happen in music which, when combined, explain why this happens. The first is that the way certain instruments are constructed affects what sounds they can produce. The E♭ alto saxophone, the B♭ clarinet, and the horn in F each can easily play in the key designated. Typically, when learning to play these ...


Transposing instruments are so due to convention, not by a technical property. The main advantage is, that different instruments of the same family can share the same mapping of note->fingering and so makes it easier for the player to switch instruments. The disadvantage is, that the sheet music has to be adapted to exactly the instrument used and therefore ...


Yes, and no! Everyone sounds like they're playing in the same key, yes, but looking at the actual music in front of the players, no. There are lots of transposing instruments about, which don't, for many reasons (answered here for several questions) see the music in the same key as non-transposing instruments. An example would be the Bb clarinet, which ...


For argentine tango what is most important is to have the range necessary to perform the pieces with the tango sound which is characterized by the sound of two reeds played in octaves. There are more bandoneons then 142 button layouts that have this characteristic. There are bandoneons known as chromatic bandoneons ( a misnomer as all bandoneons are ...


An observation about 88 notes on the piano... You can play through the entire major key circle of fifths on the piano starting on the lowest C to the highest C; AND You can play through the entire minor key circle of fifths on the piano starting on the lowest A to the highest A. Interesting how this worked out perfectly!


The Bb Flat clarinet is a transposing instrument of a whole tone down. Simply put when the clarinet plays a C note what you actually are hearing is a Bb. So technically the Bb flat clarinet will be notated in a different key than the non-transposing instruments but when you relate it back to concert pitch then it all comes back to the same key.

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