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i am an argentinian bandonion pleyer. for sound of tango you need a "Alfred Arnold" or "AA" type. another type you can buy is "Premier". These both are from Germany but now, you can get those in Argentina too.


It's a long time since I was actively involved in the record industry... but back in the 80's we would always do a separate mix without lead vocals, in case it was ever needed for the occasional TV show where the track would be on playback but the vox would be live. The chances are this is still a sensible practise. Motown even went so far as to release a ...


I know it as the Thongophone because it's often played by hitting the pipes with a rubber thong (or flip-flop as it's known elsewhere :P) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thongophone


When writing for any instrument there are a few things to keep in mind : The range of the instrument How the instrument sounds in different parts of it's range The Dynamic Curve of the interments (how loud can it play in different parts of it's range) Articulation and techniques that the instrument can and can't do What is playable for a typical player and ...

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