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The obvious ones are -trumpet - no use for pinkie at all, and slide trombone - no use for fingers separately. Followed closely by xylophone/marimba/glock/vibraphone and drums.


Really? Not one mention of Django Reinhardt? Django lost the use of his fourth and fifth fingers in a fire but that didn't stop him from ripping it up on guitar (and inventing a new genre of music in the process). A few years ago, I sustained a minor sprain in my fretting hand which made it painful to make certain finger changes (I play bass mostly, but ...


Harmonica, blues or chromatic.


The typical recorder fits the bill perfectly for you. It uses all fingers of the right hand, and the thumb and all-but-the-pinkie of the left hand.


Pretty much all percussion instruments, which includes hammer dulcimer and its ilk. I don't know whether the harp requires pinky use or not. I suppose it'd be cheating to suggest the theremin :-) .


The didgeridoo asks very little of the pinkie finger on either hand.


The harp. It's normal to play just using the thumb and first three fingers on each hand.


Rockin Cowboy alluded to this, but I'll spell it out separately: Your own voice! Singing is a skill that can be developed like playing any instrument, and it's arguably one of the cheapest and most convenient options. You almost never have to tune, polish, or repair the instrument. You don't have to carry a bulky case with you to practice. That's not to ...


As you can see by all the answers so far, you have many options. One thing that I might point out is that many of the instruments mentioned (horns, harmonica, brass) require you to blow into them. So they don't work as well if you want to use your instrument to accompany your singing. You can learn to play guitar "left handed" which means that your ...


Flute makes no or very little use of the left-hand little finger. If you play the standard Boehm system there are no keys for the LH 4th finger and even if you play one of the extended systems there are alternative fingerings. Rudall Carte and other 'simple' systems don't use that finger at all. Also fife and tin whistle, both of those don't use that ...


The ukulele is great for avoiding pinkie finger use. Also melodica, accordion, banjo…

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