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Since xylorimba wasn't touched on in the other answer, the xylorimba is a bit more of a student instrument, typically referring to an instrument with a 4 octave range and bars of constant xylophone width. The sound it typically much more marimba-like than xylophonic, especially in the low octave.


Blue Man Group has used custom-built percussion instruments of this type for years. You can research how Blue Man Group has invented and made use of these instruments. I do not know if they have specifically named some of them. I found this Do-It-Yourself Guide to PVC Instruments page, with links to many other pages, at the website of the Zzounds music ...


PVC marimba is the term I'm most familiar with for that type of instrument. It's better than the generic "PVC instrument", since it specifies that it's meant to be played percussively (and not a PVC wind instrument).

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