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How can we differentiate when an interval is an augmented fourth or a diminished fifth? It is all very simply. Assuming you where born with at least five fingers and you can count to five you can do it. Lets take C as an example. You take your thumb you make your thumb represent this C. When we get to a fourth finger (ring) We have a fourth. So C = 1 ...


This means that in V7 resolving in I in C major (G7 to C) the tendency tones are B and F. Depending on the voicing B and F can be either an augmented fourth or a diminished fifth. On a G7 chord (G-B-D-F) the B - F is a diminished 5th always. However in an inversion of the chord (say B-D-F-G) it may became F - B which is an augmented 4th. As you see in ...

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