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There are also psychoaccoustical reasons, the most relevant in this situation being that the critical band is roughly 100 Hz and constant from 500 Hz and below. This means that a C0 (16) and G0 (24) dyad would be within the same critical band and be processed simultanously but a C4 (256) and G4 (384) dyad would be in different critical bands and thus ...


Most of the Wiki articles on scales and chords describe them in multiple notations. Most notations start with some reference set of notes. For example 1 3 5 to describe a triad that works on both a major and minor scale. Or 1 b3 5 to descibe a minor chord on a major scale. But it sounds like you want a notation relative to the chromatic scale, or ...


If you are looking for a specific, standard term, I think it is "interval class." This would be the more general name of the interval, like a "third", as compared to the specific minor third or major third. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interval_class Mike


Phillip, I'm not sure if this file will give you what you need exactly, but I have a JSON file which defines the various intervals with several values including an integer for the number of chromatic steps. https://github.com/mikecurtis1/curtis/blob/master/ToneSet/intervals.json I hope this can help, Mike


If you play a ii-V-I in C major, all chords are taken from the key of C major, so in principle you can just play the C major scale over all three chords. Over the Dm7 chord this would be a D dorian scale, and over G7 it is a G mixolydian scale. But note that D dorian, G mixolydian, and C major all share the same notes; they're basically just the C major ...


When you say scale, I hope you mean the notes from that scale rather than just running up and down. Playing Dm scale notes, either full minor or minor blues, usually works well over Dm. As does G major blues (or just G major, without the F#) over G, and the same with C. Actually, C minor blues and pents - maj. or min. work over C. Since you mention ii - V - ...

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