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No. The intervals chosen for ear training don't have to based on the tonic of a song. 1 up to 6 (Do up to La) is a major sixth just like 5 up to 3 (Sol up to Mi) and just like 5 up to 1 (Sol up to Do) is a perfect fourth just like 1 up to 4 (Do up to Fa). You can take any relative interval for training it really doesn't matter if it is the tonic or not ...


I could see this leading to problems I trained my own ear by learning to sing the major scale in my head and then counting the degrees until I just knew which was which. Unless you have perfect pitch, I wouldn't recommend this method of ear training. Trying to do this all in your head, you are likely to get things mixed up if you are just starting. ...


YES, but if you RE-NAME the C as B#. Yes B# is the enharmonic equivalent of C. But because the C is assigned to C# we have to bump up the B to take the place of the C. It's a linguistic wordplay game but it is necessary for the rules of the game we have chosen to play. examples: C#maj7 = C# E# G# B# A#m(add9) = A# C# E# B# F#maj7#11 = F# A# C# E# B# ...


The chord could have a Chromatic non chordal note that has a C#. If say for argument sake we are G Major and we go from IV to V we may have a non chord note that forms the baseline C-C#-D


There is an app that does exactly this. It is called Singers Studio by Erol Studio. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/erol-singers-studio-voice/id502780186?mt=8


If you know your musical alphabet well enough to know what note a 3rd/4th/5th/etc above/below your starting note is, then a simple tuner will do. Sing your first note and then try to sing an interval and see how you do. A tuner will also demonstrate how close you are to a note and how much you wobble around. A free piano app (basically a touch-screen ...


If you really insist in using an app for that, I suppose you could use a guitar tuning app, at least to some extent. Adjacent strings of a guitar have intervals of perfect fourth and major third, depending on the strings. But personally I think a stringed acoustic instrument would work well, if not the best (Gorow suggests acoustic instruments, too, for the ...

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