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Most fret buzzing is a result of the vibrating string contacting another fret as it vibrates in an oscillating arc. There are several things that commonly cause this to happen. Neck does not have enough relief or has a back bow. The vibrating/oscillating string must clear all the frets between where it is fretted and the bridge. If the neck is ...


Certain frets may be sticking out and they may need to be leveled off a little bit. I had the same problem in one or two spots on my bass and I took it to a shop where the guy leveled off those frets and no more problems.


I helped a relative learn to sing in a way that others could stand to be in earshot. After his baby was born, he was motivated to sing to his baby for fun and for sleep preparation. I will try to reconstruct the procedure we went through for his transformation: Encouraged him to open his mouth bigger, and corrected shape of mouth for certain vowels so ...

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