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While there are bows for baroque performance that you can interactively tense with the thumb, those are not really historical. The historical bows still have less tension, however, and a convex rather than hollow curve which makes playing multiple strings easier. Also baroque violin style tends to play less in higher positions and, related to that, there ...


See Quantz Versuch einer Anweisung die floete traversiere zu spielen, Chapter XVII, subchapter VII, 58. ยง: The correct tempo of a sarabande is quarter = 80 per minute. Please, don't listen too much to wrong examples ...


It is actually misleading to think about this music in terms of chords as we know them, as the system we use to identify and speak about vertical harmonies was still under development during Bach's time. Bach had no concept of a "suspended chord" for instance. Bach did not think of chords the way a guitarist does (moveable stacks of exact intervals, with ...


It's an Asus4 chord, which is a suspended chord where the third (C#) is replaced by the fourth (D). The fourth is carried over from the previous chord (D minor), and - as you've suggested - resolves to the third (C#) of the next chord (A major).

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