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The composer Scriabin designed a colour note organ. I think the pitch values of notes are arbitrary but timbre/texture/shape can have ascribed hues and intensities. eg.. A high flute tone can be silver, a deep piano note black etc. . It's a bit of a blind alley though as surely most music ends up muddy brown!


There are lots of MIDI controllers that are just buttons, sliders, and knobs. See here for a pretty wide selection. The usual way to connect these if you're looking to augment an existing keyboard is to plug the new controller into the keyboard's MIDI IN, so that from the computer's perspective it looks like everything is coming from the keyboard.


You won't be able to connect Midi to a PC audio with just a cable. However, citing the first sentence of the Wikipedia entry for the Roland XP-80: The Roland XP-80 is a music workstation that uses digital PCM subtractive synthesis That's not a Midi keyboard, or rather, a Midi keyboard is only the smallest part of its circuitry. The keyboard has 6.3mm ...


There are other ways to connect a MIDI keyboard to a PC besides a MIDI to USB cable -- there are MIDI to MIDI, MIDI to ethernet, MIDI to bluetooth, MIDI to wifi adapters -- but I don't know of any MIDI to audio jack connections for good reason: MIDI is not a system containing audio information. It's a set of numbers just like USB data in essence (though ...


Your two questions interrelate to a large extend because most weighted keyboards will be of the 88 note variety. A quick google reveals that most of the 76 note pianos available feature what is known as a semi-weighted action. Having a 76 note keyboard will hardly restrict your repertoire unless you intend to explore the more extreme virtuoso piano works. ...


1) The 88 key is preferable in most, if not all cases. Although the portability of a 76 key might be somewhat appealing, you don't really gain too much portability to make the sacrifice of the additional keys worth it. Regardless if you're looking to be a professional musician or just to play for fun, 88 keys it the way to go. Most keyboards are 61, 76, or ...

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