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No. Any keyboard will either have the keys be weighted or unweighted. It is a physical feature of the keyboard just like the number of keys a keyboard has and it cannot be changed. It's a big thing to consider when getting a keyboard.


By the way, if the question is really the classic "what should I buy the beginning player in my house": If they're taking traditional piano lessons with the goal of learning to play the classical piano repertoire really well, and if they've been at it more than a few years, then they need a piano in good working order. If they're learning more as a way to ...


Good answer, but I need to strongly emphasize the following after playing on a digital piano (basically a weighted and better keyboard) for 10 years: The pedal, the pedal, the pedal, is 100% completely different. It doesn't matter the first few years of playing, because you are busy getting other more "important" (or rather, more immediate) techniques down ...


Additional considerations: Portability Obviously, pianos are hard to move and often require specialized piano movers. "Digital pianos" with everything built in are meant to be furniture. They're easier to move, but you still won't be taking them to your local jam session on weekends. Instruments meant to be used with separate stand, amp, and speakers ...


If you take a look at music like the two-part inventions and three-part symphonies by Bach, they make a lot of musical sense, and while they are intended as practice pieces, the prevalent problem (and increase of diffuculty when going from inventions to symphonies) is not one of hitting particular combinations of notes at the same time but rather of ...


Gould is both the most appreciated and most criticised performer of Baroque music! And he's translating the music to piano, which has a quire different set of expressive possibilities to the instruments the composers knew. Enjoy!


Well, the thing to remember is that the harpsichord and organ have no touch sensitivity like piano, and the piano wasn't invented yet. So any kind of keyboard music was written to be played all at the same volume, and composers made the sound fuller or emptier by managing the voicing. If you play a Bach fugue on a piano, you can add dynamics but it won't ...

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