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Your best learning material for this is to find someone who plays this style, asking them to play while you watch and video tape it. Ask them questions if needed. Ask them to break it down. Take the video home, slow it down, watch the keys and learn. There aren't any books I'm aware of for this style, and transcribing albums can be daunting. Best to watch ...


In your question you talk about differing sounds of bands like alt-j, so I believe we need to talk about keyboards and synths. A common misconception is that keyboards are the same thing as a synth. Keyboards are often shipped out with permanent patches and that's it, some will have recordings of a sound that are played back when you press the key. A synth ...


Mental practice and/or playing a table edge is what is realistic. I think that there may be software for turning tablets into keyboards that might work better than the rollups. But in either case, the touch will be nothing at all like that of an organ or piano and you'll probably be fighting most of the time to get the sound properly to register. If you ...


The company Vintage Vibe manufactures Rhodes clones and a Clavinet clone called the Vibanet.

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