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It is likely that the output from your keyboard is too loud which is overdriving the input of your monitor's amplifier and causing clipping/distortion. Try turning your keyboard's volume down and then turn the volume of your monitors up to compensate for the keyboard's volume decrease.


I agree with the spirit of one of the other answers: you need to develop a good "ear" a good sense of pitch and harmony. @Rockin Cowboy's theory approach is extremely valuable. Learn that theory! But, also exercise your ear. Basic chord drills at the keyboard will help. Use a variety of patterns and make drilling in all keys an eventual goal. Try mixing ...


If you are playing some challenging pieces you could angle your keyboard towards the audience so they can see what you are doing. This opens a new way of "flashines" for keyboard vs guitar duels. As someone commented being calm and mysterious is also a way to build a presence. Be it Sparks keyboardist or ...


Keyboard player's stage presence is much like the drummer's situation. Better than that, keyboard player can be standing and vision of audience is not covered by metal sticks and discs spread all around, worse than that usually audience cannot see what or how a keyboard player plays the instrument. So body language should compensate for that. For better ...


I think that any music notation software will do the trick of showing you the keyboard being played. Then, you can capture your screen. Particularly, you can use MuseScore that is open source.


That second video has some Jamal Hartwell appearances.. he has a great video on Neo Soul keyboard playing as well as a great Rhodes suitcase virtual instrument called Neo Soul Keys. Check out for info on all this.

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