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There may be a few problems. You could try connecting headphones to see if sound comes out of that. There may also be a setting that changes your volume, like other keyboards. Otherwise the speakers may be broken


Having played both piano and harpsichord, let me throw another idea out there on top of all the excellent academic sources people have quoted: In harpsichord it does not matter how hard or soft you hit the key (since it plucks rather than hits the string). Good technique is, thus, centered around control of the "touch", and typically the goal is to keep ...


I don't know whether this is bad practice, but I "cheat", according on everyone's responses so far. Why can't we just use non-consecutive fingers to perform trills? It's much easier, faster, and less tiring. Why use finger 5 at all (worse yet, finger 4 with it)? 2-5 or 1-5 could work, though awkward. My piano teacher advised to use fingers 2-4 or 1-3 to ...


I have just found an e book written in 2014 by Chaun C .Chang called "Fundamentals of Piano Practice " which is the best advice I have ever seen about learning the piano . Chapter 7 covers Trills and muscle tone etc.

2 may work as a USB - MIDI converter if the DGX-230 operates as a 'Class Compliant' MIDI device. Same with the Keith McMillen MIDI Expander - if it's class compliant it will probably work... ...but sadly as per the list you linked to in your comment, it doesn't seem to be, so it's unlikely that ...

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