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I googled "mambo puertorriqueño" and found http://www.mamboenclave.com/en/articulos/?ide=8 which says ... el dos refleja el estilo puertorriqueño de tocar las acongas o tumbadoras, porque éste enfatiza el dos más que en, por ejemplo, el estilo cubano. Translating, ...the "on 2" reflects the Puerto Rican style of playing the conga drums, because ...


It depends. Chick Corea's rendition was a fusion between bebop harmonization and melodies, and Latin rhythms. If you listen to the track on Light As a Feather, you will see what I mean. Particularly, if you listen to his comping, you'll notice it's not a regular vamp, even though it all fits to that clave pattern. As far as harmony goes, whether the other ...

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