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Always keep in mind the goal is to be able to more effectively write, improvise, and perform music. There's no street cred or punk rock points for the way you practice at home if it doesn't lead to a better performance. Both methods you outline are obviously valuable. The main benefit in slowing the music down, however, is not a matter of making it easier. ...


I think there is a limit to how much you should position yourself out of your comfort zone. The time you waste on the really hard bits of what you are transcribing could be put to use in something else. I don't have any studies to back me up here, but I do remember some great jazz artists saying that they would transcribe without 100% accuracy, so they ...


It's been said in a comment, but deserves a fully-fledged reply: your biggest mistake is thinking you can do this without a teacher. Even if it's only a consultation lesson now and again - that's better than nothing. Note the number of people who have tried to give you a piano lesson in their replies!

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