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I have had real acoustic pianos and digital/electronic pianos. But due to moving more frequently I sold my acoustic piano about 7 years ago and now I have a Yamaha 88 weighted key piano that I can move by myself. I don't see why you can't keep the vintage Otto Halben as both a collectors item, and something you may want to have restored one day. But you ...


unscrew the mini screws on the affected saddle until they are not touching the plate and give it a slight twist in the direction you need before tightening the screws to lift it again. Then make the saddle slightly higher in sharp note and slightly lower on the flat note. Or you can just go back in time and buy a Stratocaster or commit the ultimate sin and ...


I would never ditch an acoustic piano, even a spinet. I move around a lot and live in small apartments so I'm stuck with a digital piano and every day I wish I had a real piano. I suppose your question is really an opinion question. My opinion is a bad acoustic piano is better than a good digital one.


Try asking at churches etc. to find who looks after their pianos. An acoustic pianos will tend to feel more responsive, if that's the term, than keyboard types, unless you pay thousands. Yours appears to be not a bad one, the broken pedal should be an easy fix - it looks like it's the one that operates the practice mode - very quiet - which could be ...


Tune your guitar to pitch, then check the tuning at the first fret. Does the e string give you an F or is it F sharped? If so, your nut slots aren't deep enough. This problem is somewhat common on gibsons. The open chords sound horrible, but Barre chords sound better as you go up the neck. Hope that's all it is, good luck!


Do you have the original, now broken, spring? Take it to an engineering supplies store. Don't worry too much about the attachment points, they can be modified. Go for the right spring characteristics.


It's easy to adjust this on an upright piano. Remove the front of the case below the keyboard and you will see an adjustment screw, probably a wing-nut close to the pedal. On a grand piano the pedal mechanism can be a bit more complicated, but simple for a technician to adjust. If you get different amounts of damping between the bass, mid range, and treble, ...

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