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Adding an answer just so there is one for future Googlers, even if the links disappear... Two alternatives for slipknots that stay fast under load are the Tautline Hitch & Midshipman's Hitch Tautline Hitch Midshipman's Hitch


The arrangement and number of springs determines how stiff the arm "feels" in use. There's a good description on this strat talk forum thread. With more "stiffness", the arm is a bit less sensitive - good if you rest your hand on the bridge and find this makes the pitch wobble too much. I used to use four springs (all fitted in a straight line) on my ...


In the second picture there is more tension in the Floyd because the springs are pulling on the trem more. It also depends a bit on your string gauge and tuning. Say for example you have light strings (42 - 9) but play in Drop C, the strings will create very little tension compared to a 46 gauge in standard tuning. In the case of the lighter strings, you ...


I buy heat shrink sleeving from Maplins. Use a hair dryer on high setting or an electric paint stripping gun.


Try replacing the G with a wound string. I know this is an old thread, but it has helped me, so here's my experience (hope could be useful to anyone): 3 years ago I bought my first strat-like, a cheap second hand guitar that was a school for me: disassembled completely, adjusted truss rod, saddles, changed pickups, installed a phase switch... so well, I'm ...

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