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Depends quite a lot on genre. I'll explain my normal process as they vary so much you can't define a method. 1: Melody/Chords/Sound design Depending on what I come up with first, this almost defines my process. Most often this is sound design and least often a melody, however, as difficult as it is to start with a melody, these bring out the best results ...


All these take practice. I usually start with whatever comes to mind, maybe a chord pattern, a melodic hook, or even a string of patterns. I like to start with lyrics but other people like to start with melodies.


There are theoretical reasons why this occurs that are not conditioned responses. The overtone series if the fundamental expression of "music". That is, the overtone series is a natural occurrence due to the way the universe is designed. I won't get into the why's here but basically it is physics. I can explain more if need be. The overtone series of the ...


To get an idea of what has been done in the past (and thus use as a model), the book by Goetschius: is pretty good. It's a bit old-fashioned but discusses ...

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