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The left hand of this is basically arpeggiated chords. So it's just putting an accompaniment with the appropriate harmony under the melody.


Ultimately it is 'what sounds good' or fits the emotion/aesthetic/story/etc. you are trying to convey. Personally I have not beeen helped by theory/rules when it comes to playing a melody over a chord progression. You can learn (induce) the rules/theory that make up a particular style/aesthetic by learning to play, playing along or experimenting over a piece ...


You can always try and see what fits, but there are some notes that might fit better than others. Every chord consists of some notes. If you play those notes as a melody on top of the chord, it will sound nice. Chords belong in scales. So, you can play notes from the scale you are in, on top of a chord. Not all the notes of the scale will sound consonant, ...


You can sing along with a piano/guitar that is playing the melody. I believe this will be really efficient, because you'll hear the exact melody and you'll see where exactly is your problem, and you can work on it. I believe the piano would be best, as it has really clear overtones that will help you listen to a crystal clear melody.

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