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Whenever learning a new technique it's best to start with slow and deliberate practice keeping a relaxed hand movement. Shake your hand out sideways and with a flapping motion before you start, and at regular intervals to keep from tensing up. It will feel really strange at first, but after a while you'll get the hang of it and it will actually improve all ...


whether or not you should anchor depends on the speed you're aiming for and your musical goals really. for anyone who plans on being a master shredder on the electric will need to be as efficient as possible and as clean as possible. so optimally the only thing touching the guitar near the bridge is your wrist. hears why: Max Speed. anchoring your pinky or ...


Funfact not sure if you have seen them yet, you can now buy rock tips a small bottle with an apllicator hardens your finger tips for those high and repeated bends and vibrato. Especially if you are using 11s or 12s top E String

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