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I experience this problem too sometimes. It is, as someone already mentioned, related to practicing the fingering/sticking/etc. But it is also related, at least from my experience, to something I would call "polymetric resolution", i.e. how much nuances are you able to produce metric-wise. I think what helps me the most with this is practicing a patter, ...


One way of expressing meter in traditional Chinese music is in terms of ban and yan - 'beats' and 'eyes'. The 'ban' represents the main beat, or the pulse of the bar, while the 'yan' (eye) represents a weak beat. Some common meters were One ban followed by three yans : ban - yan - yan - yan - ban - yan - yan - yan Alternating : ban - yan - ban - yan ...


Perhaps there is confusion between polyrhythm and polymeter because there is actually no such word as polymeter: http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/spellcheck/english/?q=polymeter I think it's best to stick to polyrhythm and then use other words to describe the type or characteristics of the polyrhythm.

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