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Notwithstanding Matt's answer, it depends on what the tempo is. After a certain tempo [varies by individual] there is no longer any option to count 'verbally' - either in your head or out loud - you just have to feel it, because the 16ths can still sit nicely in your head long after any attempt to verbalise them will fail.


It helps if you just listen to the metronome, tapping along with your foot and saying some four-syllable word on each beat (e.g. "caterpillar"). Each syllable then represents one 16th note, so you get a feeling for how 16th notes sound at the given tempo. As soon as you can hear the 16th notes in your head, you should also be able to play them. I would ...


Can you find some other way to break the problem into simpler steps other than by starting slow and gradually speeding up? For example, go straight for your target tempo, but practice shorter fragments? Also, have you taken a step back and looked at your technique? Maybe it would be worth experimenting with different fingerings or hand positions? A ...


there are several ways of using the metronome,u can try this out.practice your scalem,lick,transcribe solos,exercise etc on the beat per measure that is,whole,half,8th,16th etc.for instance when you have your metronome set to 70BPM,You can apply any of the above mention beats to it,this is a gud way of using your metronome to practice,it enables you play the ...

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