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I suggest you test it on a USB interface/mini-mixer or even a proper mixing/PA desk before buying anything else. The microphone might just be inherently poor and you'd be wasting your money. You haven't said what you want it for but for instance I have a USB Skype headset which works just fine although if you want to record high quality singing maybe not. ...


Some 3.5mm mics are electret condenser and supposed to be powered by the sound card (they have an internal single-FET preamp). Check whether your sound card has some setting for powering a mic.


With music equipment, the general rule is buy the best you can afford. Otherwise you loose your savings in upgrading and or having sub standard equipment. Read reviews and talk to people about what works well for them and why. If your interface would be multi purpose then as Tetsujin said, It would reduce noise from soundcard. But if its just for this one ...


Only the more expensive studio condensers and some live performance mics have good built in pop filters. Some vocalists don't have a big problems with plosives, but others like myself do. The built in pop filter on the SM58 is hardly sufficient - you can cut a piece of carbon fiber (about the size of a silver dollar), unscrew the mic grill - and push it up ...

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