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Use a flashing metronome that doesn't click or Cheap earphones that let lots of sound bleed through and turn up your amp so its as if your not wearing them. (amps sound better loud anyway!)


We always used to put on our headphones the half-way (only on one ear) so you can hear the real sound better. But tell your engineer to switch of the signal of the open earpiece in order not to hammer the click into the microphone. More of a problem with not so loud sources like voice-recording... Another trick is (and in these days with a lot of tracks ...


How this is done usually: Both the metronome or click track and the guitar sound are routed into the headphones. If your sound card has "low latency monitoring", that's what this is for. OR Many headphones do not block out sound from outside the headphones very well. You can use a set of headphones that let you hear both the amp (through the air) and ...

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