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The C and A Altered Dorian scales you show, are simply Dorian Modes with fourth degrees raised by a Semitone. So, to work out the Altered Dorians starting on the other pitches: firstly, work out the Dorian modes starting on each of these pitches; secondly, raise the fourth degree of each of these modes by a semitone. There are two easy ways to work out the ...


You can write a circle of 5th's progression in the Phyrgian mode, but it won't make the progression sound Phyrgian. This site shows you how to build a circle of 5th's progression in any key in any mode, but doesn't really explain what is going on. If you look at the progression for C Phygian you will see: Db - Ab - Eb - Bbm - Fm - Cm - Gdim However, if ...

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