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Punta is a Garifuna music and dance style performed at celebrations and festive occasions. Created by the Garifuna people of St. Vincent best known to derive from Honduras, Belice, Guatemala, and parts of Nicaragua, so Central America. Hope that helps.


I have "researched" quite a bit and collected some interesting examples, see below. As can be seen, we have a huge geographical impact, France (I have numerous additional examples) seemed especially fond of the backward-7 notation, keeping it up to the middle of 19th century, while the Bach autograph from ca. 1723-1730, the Walsh print of 1795 and the ...


Possible duplicate of: Origin of the 'squigly line' used for quarter note rest? There are several scans of manuscripts (from Corelli to Mahler) linked from that page that show many intermediate forms. It seems to have been a gradual evolution due to handwriting, rather than a dictatorial all-at-once change. In addition, each composer had their own ...

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