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To be 100% exact to the name 'tritone', it would be #4. Because, if we ascend 3 tones from the root, we have #4, and not b5. The three tones would be C-D, D-E, E-F#. Although, from what I have understood, it depends on the progression. Usually, the #4/b5 tritone would descend a semitone. For instance, a common progression would be Gb7-F (maj7 or 7). Since ...


I think that in this (and most other) contexts the broad definition of the tritone makes sense, which says that a tritone is an interval spanned by six semi-tones. So with this definition both augmented fourth and diminished fifth qualify as a tritone. Whether that note in the blues scale is written as a #4 or a b5 usually depends on the direction of the ...

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