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It's a very poorly-notated tremolo: a rapid alternation similar to a trill between the two notes on either side of the two thick lines. In a tremolo, both notes are supposed to be written with rhythmic values as long as the tremolo lasts, which means that it always looks like twice as many beats are happening. These tremolos are shown with both notes as ...


It seems to me the process of relearning the names of the notes is akin to learning to speak a new language - but fortunately you only have to learn a small number of words. Perhaps flash cards - one with Do on one side and C on the other, another card with Re on one side D on the other and so on. Shuffle the deck and just pull out a card and say what's ...


Lead 1 plays and lead 2 similarly for G-Eb. With just one dash you would play 1/8th notes. With three dashes you'd play 1/32nd notes OR "just fast", especially if the word tremolo appears nearby. Similar notation is used for repeating single notes, like in mm. 50 in the video at around 1:00.


It's a shame that the people you're trying to communicate don't understand you. I've seen adult musicians brought up in Latin America use do-re-mi in the U.S. and be reasonably well understood by people brought up with C-D-E.... With any memorization task, the more difficult one finds it, the greater the need for a mnemonic. I will propose something for ...


You would have to indicate the change of key by using the letter names of the key you are going to and you also indicate whether the key is Major by the use of a capital letter and minor through the use of lower case letters. So you can for instance have the following. (assuming we have to do with Major keys here.) C: I IV V Eb: vi ii V

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