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They don't mainly use head voice, actually. If it seems like this is the case, then it's just a factor of where a piece's tessitura lies. In classical singing singers tend to sing much higher than in other styles and genres. Thus while they may be using head voice proportionally more than non-classical singers, when they sing in the same lower range they ...


You will hear female opera singers using chest and mixed voice in the bottom of their ranges. But that's a small proportion of their range, which is so much larger than most pop singers'.


The short and simple answer is: because this results in a vocal sound that opera fans like to hear. Singers develop certain techniques because the vocal sound that results from these techniques are popular. Furthermore, composers write music that requires singers to be able to use certain techniques. And also the operatic style requires a singer to be ...


That's because high notes must be directed in the head and all the other in the chest. Direct an high note to the head makes that sounds greater than a chest note and using this technique extends the vocal range.

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