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No, I don't think it is the music per se. I think the reason you see more "postmodernist" stagings (and BTW, the Germans have a great word for this, Regieoper, "director's opera," which leaves the modern/postmodern distinction out of it) is that (1) a historically accurate 18th century staging would look very strange to contemporary audiences, since almost ...


Menotti's Amahl and the Night Visitors is 46 minutes, according to some random webpage, which might be under Gianni, by a smidgen, since someone mentioned 52 minutes for one particular recording. And Gianni is one of a set of three, which are roughly the same length I believe, though can't find any data. (It doesn't help that the librettist was a young man, ...


I seem to remember that Mozart's "Bastien und Bastienne" is rather brisk in just a single act, maybe due to the limited attention span of the twelve year old composer.

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