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Look here for scores There aren't many scores because Johann Strauss, Jr. had a brother who burned a huge amount of the family's music. The orchestra parts were out of the home at the time but not the scores. Conductors will perform the music using a "piano reduction". less than ideal, but workable.


I don't believe that the official design decisions are documented anywhere, so I'll list all the justifications that I can think of. Strings For ceremonial reasons, the concertmaster (first first violinist) needs to be next to the conductor. In ensembles with no conductor, the concertmaster should take the prime spot near center stage. The string section ...


It depends on various factors ranging from ease of communication and performance to the acoustics of the performance space. If musicians from the same group of instruments are seated together, it helps you to listen to each other and keep playing together as a section, working as a team, which is invaluable in an orchestra. It also improves communication ...


I heard the NY Philharmonic tunes to 441 a long time ago. 441 and 432 make sense, BECAUSE each is divisible by 9. I suggest watching the video on Youtube about the number 9.


Typically, it's an opportunity for new composers to hear their music played by a real orchestra, as opposed to the playback option in their notation computer software. "Reading" implies that this is usually close to sight-reading by the orchestra (and sometimes by the conductor as well!)

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