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It's entirely possible for an oboe to be out of tune. Poor reeds or emboucher can cause a very flat tone or a very sharp tone, well out of the standard 440 MHz. It's up to he oboist to make sure you're tuned as close as possible as there is no adjustment within the instrument itself.


Listening to your piece, there's a number of fundamental issues that immediately jump out and should be given attention before you focus on transitioning/modulating from one key/phrase/section to the next. Although this is all quite subjective, there are certain conventional guidelines you can follow to get your music sounding better, or as you put it, more ...


That's a big question and one that people better qualified than me will be able to answer for the specifics of orchestration. I suspect the full answer would involve several decades of study at a leading conservetoire! However there is an (IMHO) excellent exposition of this very topic on the recent Song Exploder podcast about Harry Gregson-Williams' music ...

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