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There is one important way how the small and big instruments differ, with regard to this issue: on cello and double bass, there are two very different fingering techniques used, namely, the positions above 5th are normally played as thumb position. Thumb position gives a very stable basis to notes almost arbitrarily high on the fretboard, which is why some ...


The upright bass has four strings tuned in fourths, whereas the cello, viola and violin have four strings tuned in fifths. Therefore, the practical range of the cello, viola and violin are about a fifth wider than that of the upright bass.


I would say that those ranges are a good guideline. Of course, their range upwards is theoretically infinite (or at least until you run out of fingerboard, for fingered notes), but it's somewhere around there that they start getting screechy and it takes a professional quality section to play in tune. You can expand those ranges a bit for soloists ...

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