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Humidity is known to have an effect on bow hair - hairs stretch longer with higher humidity, as mentioned by Carl in his comment. Interesting points here on which season (!) you should get your bow rehaired in depending on atmospheric conditions, they also recommend getting it done locally... Did you buy your bow from a different region/country? The ...


Good question. Here's the golden secret: Start slow. And keep it slow. There are actually different "degrees" of vibrato (wide slow, wide fast, narrow slow, narrow fast...) but for now, it should be extremely wide (too wide?) and extremely slow (too slow.) There are two steps that I have been taking to learn vibrato, and I will attach a link to the ...


Daniel is correct, but I believe the "epic" effect you're referring to (as produced by a choir) is the chorus effect. From Wikipedia: In music, a chorus effect (sometimes chorusing or chorused effect) occurs when individual sounds with approximately the same timbre, and very similar pitch converge and are perceived as one. While similar sounds coming ...


Its called a choir, which is an ensemble of human voices. So I don't have to write a long-winded answer on how a choir works, you can find out more here: (General choir stuff) (Choir formations)

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