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In the Henle Urtext edition there is no tie on G# and nothing is said about it in the commentary. This suggests that there is no ambiguity: it should be repeated. Also the grace notes should be in the following bar which may or may not affect your interpretation. And the slur should start on the half note G#, there is no slur on the preceding 16th notes. But ...


Usually that would mean the main note, unless the editor actually writes out the ornamentation and puts the fingerings on that. It's also important to try and figure out the logic behing the fingering by looking at the context – what happens before, and what happens after.


Hanon also has finger strengthening and trill exercizes.


My advice: relax. You can't make a trill faster by straining; as soon as you notice you start straining, take a step back and begin slowly and relaxed again. I would advice against flicking, since this will induce unnecessary strains in your finger, and will not be a viable option in the long term. Another trick: my piano teacher always used to try and have ...

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