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I think that rote numbers will not work. Wood is not a material of homogenous resilience, and xylophone bars are hollowed out for best resonance (and as part of tuning). So you need to figure in some waste material for experiments.


Eq. 4.39 of H. Olsen, Music Physics and Engineering 1967 gives the equation for the fundamental frequency of a free bar. For this problem, where you have the same material and the same cross-sectional shape, the frequency is proportional to 1/(length squared)


This question is more suited to physics stackexchange but anyway.. This shows you to calculate frequency of vibrating bars, rods and tubes: http://fiziks.net/physicsmusic/Experiment%2010.htm This is a paper on building a copper tube Xylophone: http://users.df.uba.ar/sgil/physics_paper_doc/papers_phys/lapp.pdf If you have any further questions check out ...

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