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I certainly admire your resourcefulness and commend you on your willingness to attempt to build your own Cajon. I don't have the patience to attempt such a project myself. You want the playing surface (known as the tapa) to be as thin as possible so that it will vibrate and resonate! A playing surface that is too thick will be less responsive and sound ...


I am not greatly experienced in tabla, but am experienced enough to have witnessed that some times, the buzzing can exist when a tabla is out of tune that then can be fixed by tuning. (Like the salesman tried to do.) I would not buy tabla that were buzzing, but if I owned buzzing tabla I would try the advice in the other answers. In addition I would check ...


The buzz in the Tabla or Bayan can be early sign of the Syahi deteriorating. The drum with buzz may not produce long sustaining Tones. Also consider checking the quality of wood(there may be cracks concealed), weight of Bayan(3-4 kg), quality of wounding strings, diameter of the Tabla, Thickness of skin etc.

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