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It really depends on the instrument as to how much and what type of exercise is required. Empty's answer above is good but seems to be focused on stringed instruments and standing. I have found for guitar that weight training with some emphasis on back and leg exercises helps for when you have to stand long periods and play. This combined with wrist curls ...


Musicians are small-muscle athletes. We have the same issues with strength, flexibility, endurance and rapidity as other athletes but our issues tend to be with the small muscles, joints and tendons that control our fingers and hands. If we play wind instruments we also have issues with breath control and cardio fitness. And most of us have issues with ...


Richard's answer is correct and very useful, however misses points which are essential - to me at least. I'm going to fill in some important intermediate steps to reach the goals already outlined - which seems highly called for in the case of someone who is asking a question like this. (Note your question is not clear: Richard has assumed you're asking how ...


Richard's answer is great, and you can use all that stuff, but another thing is if you know the number of measures of rest then you can use it in your count like so: if there are 20 measures of rest in 4/4 then you count 1-2-3-4, 2-2-3-4, 3-2-3-4, ...... 19-2-3-4, 20-2-3-4. This way you easily keep count of the measures.


A few ways: By counting the measures! It really is that simple. You start on measure 28, so measure 29 is your first measure of rest, then measure 30, then measure 31, etc. By the time measures 38 and 39 come up, you should be mentally and physically preparing to play again in measure 40. I always tried to interact physically in some way; typically I would ...


ORGANIZED TRÍO is the best VST, use it with your DAW (i use it with FL Studio), it comes with a demo mode window but after a few minutes playing its disappears and you can review the program and save your preset.

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