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Take your pulse before you start each piece. The body's awareness of time is closely tied to the metronomic beating of the heart. Biologists have found through experiment that those among us who are best at gauging time intervals (e.g. counting seconds accurately) are the ones who are best at perceiving their own heartbeat (i.e. they can feel it without ...


A metronome for count-in is best but you can also use a device on your drumkit that will tell you what your current tempo is. It's called a Beat Bug.


I'm an accompanying musician and I do this all the time with the musical styles that I'm familiar with. Have you ever faked singing along with a song that you've never heard before? It's the same thing with musicians writ large. The very brief gap in the first bar is where the musicians establish the key, the style and the general form of the song. All ...

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