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Hah. This may benefit from some context (Genre? Situation? Are you the soloist?). Assuming you'll be playing an instrument in an amplified rock/pop combo: Metronome metronome metronome. Practice separate hands, practice each section separately, each bar at all sorts of crazy tempos. Slow, medium, insanely fast. You never know how caffeinated the drummer ...


Just play it over and over again. There's not much anyone can say here. You can play it until you learn the notes and the positions, thus your hands moving automatically and then see where you make mistakes and focus on those parts.


I'd probably use a metronome and start slow and speed it up when I feel comfortable. This question might not have one best answer because each person probably has different areas of most difficulty. For me it's timing, hence the metronome. Playing along with a recording of the piece is also a good quick learn trick, if a recording is available.


Maybe it also has to do with hambone (body percussion) being done sitting down. Also, I doubt country musicians had a guitar strap.


Maybe because of the guitar? Classical guitarists always sit while playing, with the guitar resting on one leg. Many of the early blues players had a highly-developed technique -- very different from classical guitar technique but developed through many hours of practice nonetheless, most likely sitting down. (Think of Robert Johnson for instance.) ...


I don't have a scientific answer, but I guess you could say that blues isn't exactly an adrenaline-filled music. Punk,rock, metal etc are kinds of music that makes you feel hyped and alive. They are the kind of music that makes you want to be standing and jump or run or whatever. Blues (and Jazz) although, is the kind of laid back enjoyment. You sit on the ...


One thing no-one's suggested here yet is to try to be as physically fit as you can. If your body is used to the regular beneficial stress put on it by jogging, cycling, swimming, etc., then you cope better with the physical effects brought on by performance anxiety. Another thing that helps me is to keep the same routine on performance day as on every other ...

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