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"Impressionist composers should be banned from using water as inspiration. Just way too many notes." - don't shoot the pianist In these circumstances, the composer's manuscript is always a valuable tool to use to determine why a publisher made the decision to do something the way they did. In this case, the manuscript is fortunately available to us ...


There really are no major limits for playing anything in any key on piano. Certain players are more familiar and comfortable with certain keys, but it is possible for a pianist to play in any key. It's all just a matter of practice. The only minor stumbling block is the fingering of a piece may change with the key.


Spiral binding that I have used for other purposes allows easy page flipping, especially if you use a heavier paper. It looks well, opens fully and easily at every page (flat on a desk without even thinking to fold itself) and can handle a lot of pages. You need a special machine for this but entry level models like this seem not very expensive. I suggest to ...

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