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The key you are defines the harmony, what chords you naturally have access to, and what the tonic is From a single chord alone you cannot determine for sure either the key or the tonic especially a minor chord which doesn't have as strong as a pull towards other chords like for say a dominant chord would. There are a few possibilities of what key you are in ...


I'd just play the A2 and G3 notes with the left and the C4 and E4 with the right hand here. It's already where you need it and mostly idle. You just have to make sure to match the articulation and volume of the left hand. While you could also play everything but the bass note with the right hand regarding reach, that would require the right hand to split ...


The problem with using your left hand will be that the first note of the bar won't be sustained. If your piano has a sostenuto (middle) pedal, one way you could avoid this is to catch the first note of the bar in the sostenuto pedal and then play the rest of the bass clef notes in the left hand.


i'm not a good pianist.. i've only spent my entire childhood learning the way of classical pieces... though i started to play pop musics on my church (basically pop christian songs), and indeed they are similar but different kind of music... it took 2-3 years for me to start getting about the pop music (again.. i'm not a good pianist)... as stated by ...

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