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In terms of Liszt’s music, the label “piano transcription” is often misleading. Although Liszt did write many (relatively) faithful transcriptions, such as the Beethoven Symphony series, most of his derivative works were concert paraphrases or “enhanced” transcriptions, such as his version of Danse Macabre. Among piano composers, Liszt was one of the ...


There are various organizations in music that lay out what students should learn at different stages. The one I've heard of most of is ABRSM( It tests at 8 different levels, with the highest being a competent pianist, ready to enter a good college music program. If you look at their requirements at ...


Most likely, the person who re-attached the pedal lyre to the piano after it was moved did something wrong. I would suggest first removing the lyre completely, so you can get a clear view of all the parts of the mechanism. If the dampers work correctly with the lyre off, use your common sense to figure out how the parts should fit together. Possibly the ...


The key recovery time on grand pianos is much less than on uprights, due to a different mechanism, so it's more difficult to execute this on most uprights.Thumb,index and middle are the usual way, with the hand suspended over the key.


The rod that joins the pedal to the mechanism has moved, or needs adjusting. Maybe it's just dropped out of the correct position. Look under the piano,and try to see where the rod goes. It should be a simple fix, without reference to a tuner.


I have never heard of one-handed practice actually being harmful for any piece of music, nor that it might teach you something you would later have to unlearn. Slow practice and one-handed practice have both been essential to me on the piano, (although separating the limbs doesn't seem to help me on drums, interestingly), and one thing that helps very much ...


I looked up "bass clef quiz" and found a number of good hits. No doubt some of these links will be broken before long, but hopefully that query will find new ones by then :) Edit: I just created one of my own.


About a year ago I decided to start working on sight-reading. I'm a professional jazz musician and that I have two degrees in music composition already. I have been hired a lot to read music because I'm fairly proficient at it. But I always wanted to get to a different level. One thing I have found, is that it's important to read different styles of music. I ...

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