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As well as the in-bridge piezo pickups (either for acoustic tones or MIDI, which is what the Variax guitars use to feed the modelling system), there is a relatively rare second option: hidden pickups. The "Type I" Fender Marauder, for example, had magnetic pickups concealed under the pick guard:


Piezo-electric transducers lurking under the saddles on the bridge! just like acoustic guitars have possessed for ages. Now bassists have the opportunity to use this technology. It's not new, but quite new on basses. Next may be a 'hybrid' with standard pups and p-e ts.


It has been done, in several different pickup designs. These are called hexaphonic pickups, meaning "six separate sounds" or six audio signals, one for each string by itself. There were a couple of commercial products offered in the last ten years or so by Gibson Guitars and Keith McMillen Instruments that did exactly what you are looking for, but they are ...


It really depends on what sound you're looking for. I changed pickups in my Tele and made a huge difference in sound. Gone from country to rock with the pickup. The pickups make a huge difference in sound. Why do you think there are so many on the market and types. Choose one pickup to change and get a feel for the sound of it. Look at Dimarzio website ...


I have to disagree with Wilbur Whateley: Yes, this would most likely be a total waste. Pickups do make a big contribution to the guitar sound, sure. However, they do not generate any sound as such, they just – well – pick up what the body and strings can offer. If this is garbage to begin with, the best thing a pickup can do is cut away much of ...


I'm quite confident that changing pickups (PU's) will make a big difference. It would only be a total waste if it already had original USA fender PU's in it and you just didn't know. If it doesn't, it will not be a total waste, the sound WILL change with different PU's. However, will it give you what you want? That's a different question. What do you ...


You'll probably want one made for the bridge in the bridge. Near the bridge the strings don't vibrate as widely so won't induce as much signal. To compensate bridge pickups are generally "hotter" than neck/middle pickups. That means the bridge pickups generally have more windings around the magnets which means more current induced in the wire, which would ...

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