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A magnetic sound hole pickup for acoustic guitar reproduces sound waves in exactly the same way that a magnetic pick up on an electric guitar does. It uses magnets to pick up the vibration of the strings and translates that through an electrical signal sent to the amplifier which sends those vibrations to the speaker in the amp or PA speaker. There are ...


Ummm. Like Carl noted, it can not really be answered. Acoustic guitars are acoustic. They can be played loud enough without an amplifier. All the pick up is doing is amplifying the sound of the strings resonating, on an electric guitar (solid body) if you have 3 pick ups, each pick up contributes to the 'tone' of the guitar. Typically on an electric ...


Are you plugging the guitar directly into the speakers, or into your phone which is plugged into the speakers? If the former, then the latter might work since the iPhone/iPod has quite a range for speaker volume. Probably not perfect but worth trying.


You actually need a "Preamp" with a line-out port and any mic preamp will do the job. A guitar pickup is a passive device that is to weak to create a line level signal, so it needs to be amplified to the line level for your speaker. Most probably your speakers have only a "Line-in" port. Line level is ok, but with preamps you may reach higher levels ...

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