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Raising pickup will make it sound more characteristic for position. So neck position will become more fat and bridge will have more treble. Lowering should do opposite. Set best for you.


To reduce noise from single coil you have several options: Step away from interference source or turn it off if possible Fix the guitar shielding if it is wrong Buy noiseless single coils


Are you talking about 0:15 in? I hear it most there. Since you rule out the pickup height... How old are your strings? If there's any age or cruft to them try a fresh set. It'll only cost you $4, and usually anytime I get "weirdness" like this it's because of the strings themselves. The clean clip sounds pretty dead, that's what makes me think the strings ...


Check the seating of the saddles the strings rest on at the bridge (and the nut slot seating for open notes) to make sure there is good contact between the string and bridge. We want the most surface contact with the strongest connection for vibration to resonate and sustain through the body of the guitar. This is in addition to the comment made by Jamie, ...

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