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Lots of people have suggested muting the 6th string with a finger / thumb / whatever is sticking out around the requisite area at the time. This is great advice. After 25 years of playing, I have found this to be something I rely on heavily. I'd also add that it's not always helpful to play all strings on a chord, even all the 'valid' ones. Often it's fine ...


When you upstrum you should only hit the highest 3 or 4 strings. Even on an open G chord, for example, I will never even come close to touching the low G or B strings, and I probably won't hit the D string either on an upstrum. If you hit all strings on an upstrum it would sound mechanical and unnatural.


I think it would be a great mistake to "forget" the alternate picking technique that you learned and start all over with economy picking. What you should probably due is two things: first, work on and improve your alternate picking technique. You definitely haven't reached the limit yet. The second thing you should do is add other techniques to your picking ...

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