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Personally, when i use a DAW keyboard its fine for pad sounds etc. If I want to do piano I really do need to feel weighted keys or I struggle to get the subtle differences in velocity. You might want to go to a music shop and spend some time on keyboards/digital pianos with weighted keys as the quality can vary greatly between models. Oh and take some ...


My recommendation is to find some method books that use polyrhythms (2-against-3, 3-against-4, 3-against-5 are some of the simpler ones but percussionists seem to pride themselves on the most ridiculously unintuitive large prime number ratios) and practice those religiously. Also try listening to and playing a lot of music in odd meters like 5/4 (Mission ...


For Renaissance dances, I'd expect the main time drain for "relearning recorder playing" to be articulation. For a pleasant combination with other instruments, both regarding intonatory blend-in while maintaining discernible voice leading, Renaissance recorder play seems to stand and fall with the player's mastery of leggiero.

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