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A quick-and-dirty method might be to use a noise gate. Reverb is often much quiter tha the voice itself so you could apply a noise gate to the track and set the threshold to be as low as possible such that it captures only the voice. If you're not familiar with a noise gate, it's a device (software or physical) which silences output if the signal is less ...


You can try with de-reverberation programs. There has been a lot of progress in the area, so these programs can achieve pretty good results. Some options are: Zynaptiq Unveil Izotope RX3 Acon Digital DeVerberate Vocal Dereverberation


One old technique for this is to copy the track or tracks, invert the phase on each and apply a high ratio compressor to the inverted track. When you mix the treated tracks with the originals, the parts that were left by the compressor will cancel out. See De-Verb for Free: Removing Reverb using Free Plugins for a fairly good explanation of this technique. ...

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